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Research Readings in Resource Management in Cloud Computing

A policy-based decentralized authorization management framework for cloud computing

D Shin, Y Wang… - Proceedings of the 27th Annual ACM Symposium on …, 2012
... 2003. [21] Dongwan Shin and Hakan Akkan. Domain-based virtualized resource management in cloud computing. In Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop
on Trusted Collaboration, Chicago, IL, October 9 2010. [22 

[PDF] An Approach for Cloud Resource Risk Prediction

H Li… - Procedia Engineering, 2012
... And the maximum average fitting degree is 75.83%. 6. Summary and Future work This paper analyzed the resource management in cloud computing environment, and
delivered a economics principal-based cloud computing model.

Optimal resource provisioning for cloud computing environment

C Li… - The Journal of Supercomputing, 2012
... Cloud computing has aroused wide research interests and has been accepted by in- dustry. Currently, there are some researches which focus on resource provisioning and energy-aware resource management in cloud computing [9–17]. Saurabh Kumar Garg et al. ...

Online optimization for scheduling preemptable tasks on IaaS cloud systems

J Li, M Qiu, Z Ming, G Quan, X Qin… - Journal of Parallel and Distributed …, 2012
... But the VM model considered in [36] is homogeneous, so the scheduling algorithm is not applicable in heterogeneous VMs models. Computational resource management
in cloud computing has been studied in the literature recently. 

F Kai… - Journal of Nanchang College of Education, 2012
... 2009-08. 6, WANG Wen-qi(Minhang District Library,Shanghai 201100,China); Research on Information Resource Management in Cloud Computing
Environment[J];The Journal of the Library Science in Jiangxi;2010-04. 7, QIN 

VM Economics for Java Cloud Computing: An Adaptive and Resource-Aware Java Runtime with Quality-of-Execution

J Simão… - Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computing (CCGrid), 2012 …, 2012
... Abstract—Resource management in Cloud Computing has been dominated by system-level virtual machines to enable the management of resources using a coarse grained approach, largely in a manner independent from the applications run- ning on these infrastructures. ...

[PDF] A Gateway-based Access Control Scheme for Collaborative Clouds

Y Wu, V Suhendra… - ICIMP 2012, The Seventh International Conference on …, 2012
... 466-475. [29] Dongwan Shin, and Hakan Akkan, "Domain-based virtualized resource management in cloud computing," International Conference on Collab- orative
Computing: Networking, Applications and Worksharing, 2010, pp. 

Accountability services for verifying compliance in the cloud

J Yao, S Chen, C Wang, D Levy… - International Journal of Cloud Computing, 2012
He is a research scientist in CSIRO ICT Center. His research interests are primarily in distributed, parallel and trustworthy systems. His current work focus on accountable distributed systems, resource management in cloud computing and the smart grid. ...

[PDF] A Survey on Resource Allocation Strategies in Cloud Computing

TN Coimbatore
... [6] Dongwan Shin and HakanAkkan :Domain- based virtualized resource management in cloud computing. [7] Dorian Minarolli and Bernd Freisleben: Uitlity –based Resource Allocations for virtual machines in cloud computing(IEEE,2011),pp.410-417. ...

[PDF] A Rule-based Approach for Effective Resource Provisioning in Hybrid Cloud Environment

RK Grewal…
... Provisioning Variation in Cloud Computing," International Conference on Cloud Computing(2010), pp473-479. [11] Dongwan Shin and Haken Akkan, "Domain based
Virtualized Resource Management in Cloud Computing".

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