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Research Reading in Resource allocation in Cloud Computing

Research Reading in Resource allocation in Cloud Computing 

PDF] A review of resource allocation policies in cloud computing

CS Pawar… - World Journal of Science and Technology, 2012
... satisfy their need. In this paper we are reviewing such various policies for resource allocation in cloud computing based on Service-Level- Agreement (SLA), centralized
decision and distributed multiple criteria decision. And also

Loyalty-Based Resource Allocation Mechanism in Cloud Computing

Y Liu, S Yang, Q Lin… - Recent Advances in Computer Science and …, 2012
... Fig. 1 Resource allocation in cloud computing. the resource scheduling framework in cloud computing provide appropriate resources ac- cording to the level of the tasks provided. Page 3. Loyalty-Based Resource Allocation Mechanism in Cloud Computing 235 ...

[PDF] An Anti-cheating Bidding Approach for Resource Allocation in Cloud ComputingEnvironments⋆

H HU, Z LI… - Journal of Computational Information Systems, 2012
Abstract Cloud computing is a large-scale distributed computing paradigm, which uses a usage-based pricing model to deliver various services and resources on demand to 
participants globally distributed over the Internet. Cloud computing systems incorporate ...

[PDF] Performance and Dependability in Service Computing: Concepts, Techniques and

V Cardellini, E Casalicchio, KRLJC Branco… - 2012
Page 1. Valeria Cardellini Universitá di Roma "Tor Vergata," Italy Emiliano Casalicchio Universitá of Roma "Tor Vergata," Italy Kalinka Regina Lucas Jaquie Castelo Branco Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil Júlio Cezar Estrella Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil ...

Cloud and SNS supported collaboration in AEC industry

Y Jiao, Y Wang, L Yuan… - Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design ( …, 2012
... social, and domain expertise exchange. As for resource allocation in cloud computing, Barath Raghavan designed distributed ratio configuration hardware to address
network resource allocation [29]. IBM proposed a resources 

A Memoryless Trust Computing Mechanism for Cloud Computing

M Firdhous, O Ghazali… - Networked Digital Technologies, 2012
... In: 3rd International Confer- ence on Computing and Informatics (ICOCI 2011), pp. 327–332 Universiti Utara Malaysia, Malaysia (2011) 3. An, B., Lesser, V., Irwin, D., Zink, M.: Automated Negotiation with Decommit- ment for Dynamic Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing...

[PDF] Combinatorial Auction-Based Marketplace Mechanism for Cloud Service Reservation

I Fujiwara, K Aida… - IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Information and Systems, 2012
Page 1. 192 IEICE TRANS. INF. & SYST., VOL.E95–D, NO.1 JANUARY 2012 PAPER Combinatorial Auction-Based Marketplace Mechanism for Cloud Service Reservation Ikki
FUJIWARA †a) , Kento AIDA †,†† , Members, and Isao ONO ††† , Nonmember ...

Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Systems Design and Intelligent Applications 2012 (India 2012) Held in Visakhapatnam, India, January …

SC Satapathy, PS Avadhani… - 2012
... 897 Saritha Vemulapalli, M. Shashi Component Based Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing..... 907 Sumeet S. Vernekar, Pravin Game Interval Evidential
Reasoning Algorithm for Requirements Prioritization.

[PDF] Integrating Self-organisation into Dynamic Coalition Formation

D Ye, M Zhang… - 2012
... 4. REFERENCES [1] B. An, V. Lesser, D. Irwin, and M. Zink. Automated negotiation with decommitment for dynamic resource allocation in cloud computing. In AAMAS'10, pages 981–988, Toronto, Canada, May 2010. [2] ME Gaston and M. desJardins. ...

On Effective Quality of Service Negotiation

K Mansour, R Kowalczyk… - Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computing (CCGrid) …, 2012
... REFERENCES [1] B. An, V. Lesser, D. Irwin, and M. Zink. Automated Negotia- tion with Decommitment for Dynamic Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing. In 9th Int. Conf. on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS 2010), pages 981–988, Toronto, 2010. ...

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