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Research Reading in Resource Allocation


PA Monte… - US Patent 20,120,122,449, 2012
Abstract: There is provided a method for improving an allocation of resources, ie, frequency and power, to terrestrial services and satellite services that use a same frequency band. The  method includes determining a demand (DS) for a resource by users of a satellite system, ...

[PDF] Evaluation and comparison of resource allocation strategies for new streaming services in wireless cellular networks

MK Karray… - … and Networking (ComNet), 2012 Third International …, 2012
Abstract Since a long time wireless networks have been offering two types of services variable bit-rate such as mail and constant bit-rate such as voice. Recently they also offer 
service for streaming calls such as mobile television. The objective of the present paper is 

Spillovers across organizational architectures: The role of prior resource allocation and communication in post‐acquisition coordination outcomes

R Agarwal, J Anand, J Bercovitz… - Strategic Management Journal, 2012
Abstract We integrate insights from organization design, economic game theory, and social psychology to examine the role of prior resource allocation and communication in alleviating  behavioral uncertainty arising in interunit coordination settings. We use the context of post ...

Utility of OCB Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Group Performance in a Resource AllocationFramework

TM Nielsen, DG Bachrach, E Sundstrom… - Journal of Management, 2012
Abstract Building on recent developments in resource allocation theory as applied to  organizational citizenship behavior (OCB), the authors examine task interdependence as a contingency factor in the utility of group members' OCBs for group performance. In a ...

Design Models for Resource Allocation in Cyber-Physical Energy Systems

P Ranganathan… - Sustainable Icts and Management Systems for Green …, 2012
Abstract Today's and tomorrow's smart grid systems are made more efficient, cleaner, and  reliable by "smart" control mechanisms and decision models that deliver information to consumers so they can better manage energy resources. The rapidly changing needs and ...

[PDF] Environmental control of reproductive phenology and the effect of pollen supplementation onresource allocation in the cleistogamous weed, Ruellia nudiflora ( …

MA Munguía-Rosas, V Parra-Tabla, J Ollerton… - Annals of botany, 2012 Abstract• Background and Aims Mixed reproductive strategies may have evolved as a 
response of plants to cope with environmental variation. One example of a mixed reproductive strategy is dimorphic cleistogamy, where a single plant produces closed, ...

[PDF] Phase transitions in crowd dynamics of resource allocation

A Ghosh, D De Martino, A Chatterjee, M Marsili… - Physical Review E, 2012
We define and study a class of resource allocation processes where g N agents, by repeatedly visiting N resources, try to converge to an optimal configuration where each 
resource is occupied by at most one agent. The process exhibits a phase transition, as the ...

Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation in Mobile Networks with Distributed Antenna Transmission

L Zhong, Y Ji… - Mobile Networks and Applications, 2012
Abstract This paper address the energy conservation issues in wireless downlink of mobile networks with distributed antenna transmission. From the basic information theory for MIMO  channels, we derived a simple energy efficiency defined as number of bits per Watt. we ...

Dynamic Testing Resource Allocation of Modular Software System for SRGM Incorporating Testing fficiency Using Differential Evolution

K Chaudhary, P Manik… - Proceedings of the International Conference on Soft …, 2012
Software reliability engineering has recently been playing a rapidly increasing role in the  industry. This has occurred because it carefully plans and guides development and test so  that software developing team develop a more reliable product faster and cheaper. ...

[HTML] Optimal resource allocation to survival and reproduction in parasitic wasps foraging in fragmented habitats

E Wajnberg, P Coquillard, LEM Vet… - PloS one, 2012
Expansion and intensification of human land use represents the major cause of habitat  fragmentation. Such fragmentation can have dramatic consequences on species richness 
and trophic interactions within food webs. Although the associated ecological 

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