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Fwd: Research Readings in Throughput in cloud computing

Cloud computing and grid computing 360-degree compared

I Foster, Y Zhao, I Raicu… - Grid Computing Environments …, 2008 -
... the biggest challenge, as users need to tap into a federation of Clouds instead of a single Cloud provider. 2.5 Application Model Grids generally support many different kinds of applications,ranging from high performance computing (HPC) to high throughput computing (HTC). ...

Cloud computing and emerging IT platforms: Vision, hype, and reality for delivering computing as the 5th utility

R BuyyaCS YeoS Venugopal, J Broberg… - Future Generation …, 2009 - Elsevier
... business, enterprise computing, data centers, Collaborative scientific and high throughput computing applications, Dynamically ... rigid architecture, Limited due to strong orientation for scientific computing, High potential ... and offer as their own isolated or composite Cloud services  Cited by 936 - Related articles - All 38 versions

[PDF] Cloud computing–Issues, research and implementations

MA Vouk - Journal of Computing and Information Technology, 2004 - 
... on the end-to-end connectivity throughput, roughly at the level of DSL and cable modem speeds.At any point in time, users' work must be secure and protected from data losses and unauthorized access. Figure 4. VCL "seats". Page 7. Cloud Computing – Issues, Research and ...

The reservoir model and architecture for open federated cloud computing

B Rochwerger, D Breitgand, E Levy… - IBM Journal of …, 2009 -
... rules formally correlate monitored key performance indicators (KPIs) and load parameters (eg,response time, throughput, and number of ... The Reservoir loosely coupled stack reference architecture should promote a variety of innovative approaches to support cloud computing...

Cost-benefit analysis of cloud computing versus desktop grids

D KondoB Javadi, P Malecot… - … , 2009. IPDPS 2009. …, 2009 -
... Moreover, most volunteer computing projects are rela- tively small. We observe that more than half the projects have less than ten thousand hosts. If a global volunteer computing service over a cloud was offered ... The download throughput is con- strained by a 100Mbit limit. ...

A taxonomy and survey of cloud computing systems

BP Rimal, E Choi… - INC, IMS and IDC, 2009. NCM'09. …, 2009 -
... The goal of this computing model is to make a better use of distributed resources, put them together in order to achieve higher throughput and be able to tackle large scale computation problems. Cloud Computing is not a completely new concept for the development and ...

Cloud computing

A Bateman, M Wood - Bioinformatics, 2009 - Oxford Univ Press
... Cloud computing. Contact: agb{at} We are used to having huge datasets pouring out of high-throughput genome centres, but with the advent of ultra high-throughput sequencing, genotyping and other functional genomics in every laboratory we are facing a scary ...

Energy-efficient cloud computing

A BerlE Gelenbe, M Di Girolamo… - The Computer …, 2010 - Br Computer Soc
... In a wired node, power consumption depends and influences other factors, such as the node's throughput; furthermore, up to 60% of ... In a future Internet where cloud computing may become a mainstay for economic growth, businesses and individuals will require energy-efficient ...

Cloud computing: state-of-the-art and research challenges

Q Zhang, L Cheng… - Journal of Internet Services and …, 2010 - Springer
... home to the computation power and storage, is central to cloud computing and contains thousands of devices like servers, switches and routers. Proper planning of this network architecture is critical, as it will heavily influence applications performance and throughput in such a ...

[PDF] Searching for SNPs with cloud computing

B LangmeadMC SchatzJ LinM Pop… - Genome …, 2009 -
... Crossbow <p>Novel software utilizing cloud computing technology to cost-effectively align and map SNPs from a human genome in three.</p> ... has projected [10] that its instrument will generate 90 to 95 billion bases per run by the end of 2009, quintupling its throughput in one ...


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