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Performance issues in cloud computing

[PDF] Cloud computingIssues, research and implementations

MA Vouk - Journal of Computing and Information Technology, 2004 -
... NC State undifferentiated resources are currently about 1000 IBM BladeCenter blades. About 40% to 50% of them are serving high- performance computing needs, the rest are in the individual seat mode. ... Page 8. 242 Cloud Computing – Issues, Research and Implementations 

A view of cloud computing

M Armbrust, A Fox, R Griffith, AD Joseph… - Communications of the …, 2010 -
... defectors (those who abandon the site or are turned away from the site due to poor performanceCloud users face security threats both from outside and inside the cloud. Many of the security issues involved in protecting clouds from outside threats are similar to those already ...

On the use of cloud computing for scientific workflows

C Hoffa, G Mehta, T Freeman… - … , 2008. eScience'08. …, 2008 -
... with short job runtimes, the virtual environment can provide good compute time performance but it ... been increasingly implemented as the use of Grid computing has grown, but issues with dynamic ... One solution that has come about in recent years is cloud computing [5, 6]. "The ...

Cloud computing and grid computing 360-degree compared

I Foster, Y Zhao, I Raicu… - Grid Computing Environments …, 2008 -
... and communication, the concerns of the programmer tend to be different from those in traditional high performance computing, being focused on management issues relating to ... PHP, Python etc) have been taking the place of a workflow system in the Cloud world, since ...

On technical security issues in cloud computing

M Jensen, J Schwenk, N Gruschka… - Cloud Computing, …, 2009 -
... Especially in the IaaS layer it is not required anymore to engineer the own data center for peak performance cases, which occur in general very seldom and which usually ... Although there is a clear demand for in-depth dis- cussion of security issues in Cloud Computing, the cur 

The design of a storage server for continuous media

P Lougher… - The Computer Journal, 1993 - Br Computer Soc
... The increasing use of multimedia in computing is demanding more powerful computer hardware and system software. ... The critical performance issues which this paper addresses are the use of disk striping to provide high bandwidth, optimized disk layouts, hard real-time disk ...

Cloud computing: Distributed Internet computing for IT and scientific research

MD Dikaiakos, D Katsaros, P Mehra… - Internet Computing, …, 2009 -
... Other open issues include ownership, data transfer bottlenecks, performance unpredictability, reliability, and software licensing issues. Finally, hosted appli- cations'
business models must show a clear pathway to monetizing cloud computing.

Toward a unified ontology of cloud computing

L Youseff, M Butrico… - Grid Computing …, 2008 -
... applications is however limited and this may restrict the developers' ability to optimize their applications' performance. Despite all the advantageous benefits of this model, several
deployment issues hinder its wide adoption. Specifically, the security and availability of the cloud Cited by 289 - Related articles - All 25 versions

Cloud computing: state-of-the-art and research challenges Q Zhang, L Cheng… - Journal of Internet Services and …, 2010 - Springer

... The performance and management issues of these services are shared among service providers and the infrastructure provider. The layered architecture of cloud computing pro- vides a natural division of responsibilities: the owner of each layer only needs to focus on the ...

The cost of doing science on the cloud: the montage example

E Deelman, G Singh, M Livny… - High Performance …, 2008 -
... many processors to provision in order to optimize application performance while minimizing the monetary cost. Question 2: Assume that an application has very limited computational resources and wants to rely on the cloud resources to provide the necessary computing power. ...

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