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Research Reference of Google App Engine

[PDF] Cloudtarun: Application Simulated over GAE using Android Emulators
T Goyal, A Singh, A Agrawal - International Journal of Computer Applications, 2012
... 2. WHAT IS GOOGLE CLOUD PLATFORM? The Google Cloud Platform is actually known as
Google App engine or Google Appengine. Google App Engine provides the facility to developers
to run web based applications on Google Cloud environment [10]. ...

Condos and Clouds

P Helland - Queue, 2012
... Today, the leading examples of PaaS are Salesforce's 5 and Google's App
Engine. 2. • IaaS (infrastructure as a service). Sometimes called utility computing, this
is virtualized hardware and computing available over the Web. ...

[PDF] Online Python Tutor: Embeddable Web-Based Program Visualization for CS Education

PJ Guo - 2013
... both of these major language variants. The backend can be hosted on any webserver
capable of running CGI scripts (using Python 2 or 3) or on the Google App Engine
platform (Python 2.7). When the user's web browser makes ...

[PDF] Enhancing Security of Cloud Computing using Elliptic Curve Cryptography

A Tripathi, P Yadav - International Journal of Computer Applications, 2012
... 30 offered free of cost while for application like Amazon web service, Google app engine etc
each user create sessions of long duration so overall difference will appear to be less. As the
growth in computing power happens the requirement of strong key size will also grow. ...

HealthOS: a platform for pervasive health applications

JH Lim, A Zhan, E Goldschmidt, JG Ko, M Chang… - Proceedings of the Second …, 2012
... [8] Fitbit. Fitbit. [9] Google Inc. Google App Engine.
com/appengine. [10] V. Goyal, O. Pandey, A. Sahai, and B. Waters. Attribute-Based En- cryption
for Fine-Grained Access Control of Encrypted Data. In CCS. ACM, 2006. ...

Cloud Migration: English language edition

T Höllwarth - 2012
Page 1. Y (loud Migration Page 2. Cloud Migration Page 3. Page 4. Dr. Tobias Höllwarth
(ed.) Cloud Migration English-language Edition Page 5. Bibliographic information of
the German National Library The German National Library ...

[PDF] Analysis of Cloud Computing Security Considerations for Platform as a Service

KS Mehta
... underlying hardware and software and provisioning hosting capabilities. Examples
of PaaS: Amazon Elastic Beanstalk, Heroku, Engine Yard, Google App Engine,
and Microsoft Azure. C. Software as a Service (SaaS) In this ...

[PDF] Spatial Services in Cloud Environment

S Pečnik, B Žalik
... manageable at lower cost. In that way, PaaS eliminates the cost and complexity of buying
and managing the underlying hardware and software. The most known PaaS are
Microsoft Azure and Google App Engine. Software as a Service ...

[PDF] An Approach for Secure Data Storage in Cloud Environment

M Gobi, R Sridevi
... Typically the customer only controls and maintains the software applications developed by the
customer. Example PaaS vendor services include Google App Engine,, Amazon Web
Services Elastic Beanstalk, and the Microsoft Windows Azure platform. ...

[PDF] A System for Disaster Response Process Management

Page 1. Master of Science Thesis Stockholm, Sweden 2012 TRITA-ICT-EX-2012:7
MUHAMMAD RIZWAN SAEED A System for Disaster Response Process Management
KTH Information and Communication Technology Page 2. Page 3. ...


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