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Enhancement of job allocation in private Cloud by distributed processing

S Kanrar - Proceedings of the Second International Conference …, 2012
Abstract Cloud computing is a distributed computation, which delivers hosted services over
the internet to provide easy access to multiple services. The main focus area of the Cloud
computing is related to the next generation data centers and enables application. The ...

Comparative analysis of Black Hole attack over Cloud Network using AODV and DSDV

K Kaur, G Raj - Proceedings of the Second International Conference …, 2012
... 1. INTRODUCTION If we create our private cloud then it will be a collection of number
of physical nodes. ... Figure 1. Private Cloud Network included wired (Yellow circle)
and wireless (red circle) nodes with communication server ...

Applications and Tools Promoting Health 2.0 via Social Media

DM Wolf - Social Media for Nurses: Educating Practitioners and …, 2012
... Private cloud storage services provide a dedicated environment protected behind an organiza-
tion's firewall. ... Hybrid cloud storage is a combination of the other two models that includes
at least one private cloud and one public cloud infrastructure. ...

[PDF] Cloud Green convergence: Devise the paradigm shift of computation route to craft the greener facade

D Rampriya, R Vijayalakshmi, T Prasath
... ISSN 2249-9954 Page 698 be private or public. Public cloud wholesale services to everyone
on the internet (eg: an Amazon web service is one of the leading public cloud contributors).Private
cloud is an information hub stores hosted service to a partial quantity of people. ...

[PDF] Cloud Computing in Trust Building Knowledge Discovery for Information Retrieval

V Jain, MK Madan
Page 1. National Conference on Communication Technologies & its impact on Next
Generation Computing CTNGC 2012 Proceedings published by International Journal of
Computer Applications® (IJCA) 28 Cloud Computing in Trust Building ...

[PDF] Hint-based Execution of Workloads in Clouds with Nefeli

K Tsakalozos, M Roussopoulos, A Delis
Hint-based Execution of Workloads in Clouds with Nefeli Konstantinos Tsakalozos,
Mema Roussopoulos, and Alex Delis Abstract—Infrastructure ...

[PDF] Cost Efficient Management of IT-Infrastructures

CF Bodenstein
... operation. Clouds often exist as two different specifications, namely the well known public cloud
computing paradigm and the private cloud paradigm, which is mostly used in the context of
companies and institutions. In the first part, (1) energy-aware operation, we look ...


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