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[PDF] Risk Management Strategies for the Use of Cloud Computing
CK Fan, CMF Chiang, TL Kao - 2012
Abstract—Cloud computing may lead to both costefficiency and flexibility, but it also
inevitably triggers a certain degree of loss exposure. Unfortunately, there is little objective,
scientific research focused on identifying and evaluating the loss exposure that results ...

Towards HIPAA-Compliant Healthcare Systems in Cloud Computing

R Wu, GJ Ahn, H Hu - International Journal of Computational Models and …, 2012
Abstract In modern healthcare environments, there is a strong need to create an
infrastructure that reduces time-consuming efforts and costly operations to obtain a patient's
complete medical record and uniformly integrates this heterogeneous collection of ...

From Stone Knives and Bearskins to Mobile and Cloud Computing

B Leiba - Internet Computing, IEEE, 2012
Abstract The advances made in computers, communications, and the Internet in the past 50
years are some of the most exciting and significant technological changes in history. The
author examines where we've been and how far we've come.

Security-oriented cloud computing platform for critical infrastructures

M Mackay, T Baker, A Al-Yasiri - Computer Law & Security Review, 2012
The rise of virtualisation and cloud computing is one of the most significant features of
computing in the last 10 years. However, despite its popularity, there are still a number of
technical barriers that prevent it from becoming the truly ubiquitous service it has the ...

Cloud Computing: A Promising Economic Model for Library and Information Centers

SP Singh, RSR Veralakshmi - DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology, 2012
Abstract Till 1970s, Indian libraries were mainly dependent upon their own resources to
meet their users' information needs. Then came an era of computerisation where libraries
started working in a collaborative manner being connected through networks or consortia ...

Programming Directives for Elastic Computing

S Dustdar, Y Guo, R Han, B Satzger, HL Truong - Internet Computing, IEEE, 2012
... Elasticity in computing isn't limited to resources;3 cost and quality are also important
dimensions we should consider. No existing pro- gramming directives address these
criteria, which are important in cloud computing environments. ...

A Holistic Approach to Lightweight Data Security in Embedded Cloud Computing

MI Husain - 2012
Abstract: Cloud connectivity and increased support for applications have resulted in
significant amount of data that needs to be handled by embedded devices. The growth of
embedded cloud as a successful service model largely depends on effectively securing ...

[PDF] WiSANCloud: a set of UML-based specifications for the integration of Wireless Sensor and Actor Networks (WSANs) with the Cloud Computing

P Orue-Esquivel, B Rubio - arXiv preprint arXiv:1211.4720, 2012
Abstract: Giving the current trend to combine the advantages of Wireless Sensor and Actor
Networks (WSANs) with the Cloud Computing technology, this work proposes a set of
specifications, based on the Unified Modeling Language-UML, in order to provide the ...

Supplier Connection: A supply-chain ecosystem for small business job growth

JS Dischinger, CD Karwatowski, A Raina - IBM Journal of Research and …, 2012
... community. As background, cloud computing is a method for the delivery of business
services, collaboration, data, and analytics as a business service on the Internet. Social
business software and social media are built upon cloud ...

Regulatory aspects of cloud computing

I Lovrek, T Lovric, D Lucic - … and Computer Networks (SoftCOM), 2012 20th …, 2012
Abstract The paper deals with regulatory issues related to cloud computing that include
interrelationships with broadband connectivity, data protection and privacy, quality of cloud
services and competitive market development. Cloud computing architecture and service ...


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