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Cloud computing technologies overview and comparison--" Microsoft Azure vs Amazon EC2"

S Gupta - 2012
Cloud Computing, that is offering computer assets and resources as a service rather than a  product, whereby shared resources like pictures, audio files, video files, data, software s, and other information are provided to all of our devices, be it a smart phone, tablet, PC

[PDF] Revenue models in cloud computing

A Ojala, P Tyrväinen - Proceedings of 5th Computer Games, Multimedia & …, 2012
Cloud computing brings new possibilities, allowing software firms to sell their software products using the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. SaaS provides opportunities for  flexible pricing but creates challenges on how to achieve a profitable revenue stream. In 

[PDF] Prospectus of Borrowing Software Testing Resources from the Cloud

D Sharma, CM Sharma - IJCA Proceedings on International Conference on …, 2012
General Terms Software Engineering, Software Testing, Cloud Computing, Service Oriented Architecture. ... 1. INTRODUCTION Cloud computing has gained significant amount of attention from researchers and practioners in the last few years. ...

[PDF] Comparison of different revenue models in SaaS

A Ojala - Proceedings of 5th Computer Games, Multimedia & …, 2012
... fi Abstract —Cloud computing brings new possibilities for software firms to sell their products within a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. However ... customer.Keywords-Revenue models, SaaS, Cloud computing, Business in cloud 

STEALTHMEM: system-level protection against cache-based side channel attacks in the cloud

T Kim, M Peinado, G Mainar-Ruiz - Proceedings of the 21st USENIX conference on …, 2012
... No. 24594. December 2011. 7. Amittai Aviram , Sen Hu , Bryan Ford , Ramakrishna Gummadi, Determinating timing channels in compute clouds, Proceedings of the 2010 ACM workshop on Cloud computing security workshop, October 08-08, 2010, Chicago, Illinois, USA. ...

Managing performance and energy in large scale data centers

SH Lim - 2012
... pages; 3521240. Abstract: Data centers are the computing facilities to process, store, and access information. Specifically, data centers serve as the key infrastructure for Cloud computing service providers. However, service

[PDF] PeerEnergyCloud–Trading Renewable Energies

J Frey, B Brandherm, J Baus - 2012
... We will especially focus on the learning of individual activity and load profiles and the prediction of energy consumption and production. Keywords: Smart Grid, Renewable Energies, Cloud Computing, Ac- tivity Recognition, Multiagent Systems 1 Introduction ...

Recent advances delivered by HTML 5 in mobile cloud computing applications: a survey

S Xinogalos, KE Psannis, A Sifaleras - Proceedings of the Fifth Balkan Conference in …, 2012
Abstract With the explosive growth of the mobile applications and emerging of Cloud Computing (CC) concept, Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) has been introduced to be a  potential technology for mobile services. MCC refers to an infrastructure where both the 

Virtualized environments in cloud can have superlinear speedup

S Ristov, M Kostoska, M Gusev, K Kiroski - … of the Fifth Balkan Conference in …, 2012
... 2011. 4. J. Machina and A. Sodan. Predicting cache needs and cache sensitivity for applications in cloud computing on cmp servers with configurable caches. ... 9. P. Wang, W. Huang, and C. Varela. Impact of virtual machine granularity on cloud computing workloads performance.

Pascalyptus: a power-aware scheduler for eucalyptus framework

S Srinivasaraghavan - 2012
With the advent of cloud computing, scalable resource utilization has become the ultimate reality MS. Department. Computer Science. First Advisor. Weisong Shi. Abstract. With the advent of cloud computing, scalable resource utilization has become the ultimate reality. ...


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