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PJ Brittenham, EC Snible, JW Sweitzer, MD Weitzel - US Patent 20,120,240,127, 2012
... BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION. The present invention relates to autonomic computing or similar systems or operations, and more particularly to matching an autonomic manager with a manageable resource using a anagement style profile or similar information.

A High-Performance Cluster Management System Based on Distributed Hierarchical Autonomic Management Mechanism

J Wang, Y Zeng - Intelligent Human-Machine Systems and Cybernetics ( …, 2012... Now this DHAView system is successfully used to manage a real large size high performance cluster. Keywords- high-performance cluster management; autonomic computing; distributed hierarchical autonomic management 

QoS-aware and Autonomic-oriented Multi-Path TCP extensions for mobile and multimedia applications

C Diop, G Dugué, C Chassot, E Exposito, J Gomez - International Journal of …, 2012
... changes is needed. The goal of this paper is to provide contributions aimed at illustrating how the autonomic computing concept may be applied within a Page 4. Type footer information here Type header information here multi-path 

Dynamic Evolution of Context-Aware Systems with Models at Runtime

G Alférez, V Pelechano - Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems, 2012
... Page 2. Dynamic Evolution of Context-Aware Systems with Models at Runtime 71 collected from the context is used as a basis for automating tasks such as installation, adaptation, or healing [8] (ie, self-* properties associated with autonomic computing)

[PDF] Federated and autonomic management of multimedia services

J Famaey - 2012
Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Gefedereerd en autonoom beheer van multimediadiensten
Federated and Autonomic Management of Multimedia Services Jeroen Famaey
Promotoren: prof. dr. ir. F. De Turck, prof. dr. ir. B. Dhoedt Proefschrift ...

Relaxing Claims: Coping with Uncertainty While Evaluating Assumptions at Run Time

A Ramirez, B Cheng, N Bencomo, P Sawyer - Model Driven Engineering Languages …, 2012
Page 1. Relaxing Claims: Coping with Uncertainty While Evaluating Assumptions at Run Time Andres J. Ramirez1, etty HC Cheng1, Nelly Bencomo2, and Pete Sawyer2,3 1 Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan 


S Padmanabhuni, S Mallick, D Parachuri - US Patent 20,120,240,103, 2012
... with an embodiment of the present invention. The present invention implements an autonomic computing mechanism for employing self-configuration of a software component. An autonomic system comprises an interactive

[PDF] Faculteit Wetenschappen

N Gui - 2012
... In 'The Vision of Autonomic Computing' [87], Kephart and Chess warn that the dream of interconnectivity of computing systems and devices could become the "nightmare of pervasive computing" in which humans are unable to anticipate, design and maintain the complexity of 

[PDF] An Autonomic Reliability Improvement System for Cyber-Physical Systems

L Wu, G Kaiser
... Kaiser et al. have retrofitted autonomic computing onto legacy systems externally, without any need to understand or modify the code and, in many cases, even when it is impossible to recompile [14], [15]. Some prior research has also been done on smart building systems.

[PDF] Automatic SLA Matching and Provider Selection in Grid and Cloud Computing Markets

C Redl, I Breskovic, I Brandic, S Dustdar
... Cloud and Grid users. Index Terms—Service Level Agreement; Cloud computing; SLA mapping; SLA matching; provider selection; machine learn- ing; autonomic computing; electronic markets I. INTRODUCTION Cloud computing 

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