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The problem with cloud computing: Clouds

Thanks to the cloud, websites and apps around the world can tap into vast, remote stores of data and computing power. And thanks to the cloud, one good blow to one of those vast, remote storage centers can take down  websites and apps around the world. <>

GovCloud xGEA – Enterprise architecture for Digital Government
Last year we partnered with OASIS to organize the first International Cloud  Symposium, a conference in the UK that brought together the leading minds who are pioneering adoption of Cloud computing in the public sector. You  can read the event review in ... <>

Manufacturing and the Cloud – Is it a Perfect Match?

In an increasingly competitive environment, the benefits of cloud computing  are no secret: lower costs, frequent updates and reliable technical support offered on a monthly subscription basis. Most industries are jumping on the  bandwagon; while <>

QualityStocks News - Imogo Mobile Technologies Launches ZaOffice Suite for ...
QualityStocks would like to highlight Imogo Mobile Technologies Corp., a  publicly traded provider of cloud computing solutions for organizations seeking to securely integrate mobile devices such as tablets and smart  phones into their enterprise ...

Optimize Application Delivery to Support Data Center Consolidation:
Efforts  to reduce capital and operating expenditures by consolidating data centers  can fail if the applications and the network are not optimized. Learn Securing the Cloud: Cloud .<>

How Amazon Squeezes Writers to Make You Richer
But a hidden fee slashed his initial take to slightly more than 50%. As a  leading seller in the fast-growing digital book market, can Amazon afford to anger authors? As the company expands from retail into cloud computing, two reasons suggest that it ...


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